Explosives engineering

Archivio normative

downloadFEEM 00 1992
Objectives, organisation and background

downloadFEEM 281999
Code of good practice: blasting practice

downloadFEEM 22 1994
Code of good practice: worker hygiene in the handling of TNT and products containing TNT

downloadFEEM 21 1995
Code of good practice: disposal of small quantities of blasting explosives in the field

downloadFEEM 20 1994
Code of practice: control of after detonation fume from the use of explosives in tunneling operations

downloadFEEM 17 XX
The principles of good building design for explosives plans

downloadFEEM 15 1991
Code of good practice: crisis management

downloadFEEM 14 1990
Code of good practice: shelf life reccomendations – explosives & initiating devices

downloadFEEM 13 1989
Code of good practice: disposal of substantial quantities of surplus explosives under specialist supervision

downloadFEEM 12 1988
Code of good practice: disposal of small quantities of surplus explosives at Field Magazines

downloadFEEM 11 1988
Code of good practice: nitroglycerine / nitroglycol handling of spent acid and effluents

FEEM 10 1986download
Code of good practice: storage of explosives

Handbook for the safe storage of ammonium nitrate based fertilizers

downloadISO 2631-2 1989
Evaluation of human exposure to whole-body vibration

downloadNFPA 241 1986
Safeguarding construction, alteration and demolition operatons